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Korra 100/Crossover by JustiCmo
Korra 100/Crossover it is...another korra fan art .-.

no matter how hard i try to stay away i keep coming back xD

anyways, this came about from a tv show i've been going bananas over called "The 100".

should really check it out if you're into space stuff and well fighting/killing...drama...and stuff ^^

Tumblr Post
Fellow Feeling.. by JustiCmo
Fellow Feeling..

“Fellow Feeling”

I cried, for I didn’t think it could be true
That you and I might have always known one another
And that we could not only evoke, but conjure a place of our own
And everywhere. That has ever existed
Is all on the surface of our dream
Now please, hear what I hear

Let me explain
This ugliness, this cruelty, this repulsiveness
It will all die out
And now, I cry for all that is beautiful

Let me explain

Fell in love with this song and just had to do some type of drawing for it.

Tumblr Post

fellow feeling - porter robinson

Korra Wolf AU Drawings by JustiCmo
Korra Wolf AU Drawings
i was out of internet for 5 DAYS! i just got my internet turned back on and i feel i've missed so much from the world xD
so i drew this with all the free time i had

K.A.C (Untold Secret pt.1 ) Pg 6 by JustiCmo
K.A.C (Untold Secret pt.1 ) Pg 6
ᇂﮌᇂ) idk what came over me for the past 2 days but for some odd reason i just really wanted to finish this for you guys . the feeling just came out of no where xD

i've been glued to my cp so that i wouldnt drift off and do something else leaving this unfinished again.(┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻

i'm sure alot of people want an explanation for my extremely late post for this page. i'm not gonna tell my life story for the reason behind this but i do have one.

i have a tendency to drift off of things i no longer see interest in, now i'm not saying i lost interest in this comic, but i lost interest in the idea after losing someone i had held close. therefore, i left this page unfinished just sitting in a folder collecting dust for months...(sorry :[) 


i didnt finish this right away because i knew i needed to better myself in coloring as well as drawing the characters. it seems everytime i leave and stop drawing for awhile and come back i'm better then i was before....idk why or how but it happens xD.

after drawings and redrawing korra and asami over and over again for the past month or so i'd like to think i'm getting better at drawing them without references :D

this page was not the original page i started off with....i ended up starting from scratch as well as rewording what i originally had down, the drawing style, and aslo the color shade.

i reread the prev pages and figured the colors were too dark, korra didnt look like korra xD, and i hated the font.

in doing soo i made some big changes and i hope you guys are okay with this since i started this comic when i just got my tablet the other pages look like crap lol

i hope you guys enjoy even tho this is super late xD

Page 1

Page 5

Next: Soon...

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ws235 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2015
When are you going to draw something new?
JustiCmo Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sorry i left for so long (nothing new from me .-.) but i've decided to calm done on the fan art and to bring up my own art work. i've always wanted to do it but i never felt anyone would care enough to stay and see what i have to offer. i'm getting older and all i've shown from myself is someone else’s art work but with my own ideas. i will never be happy with myself if i never branch out with my own artwork and my own ideas.i want people to pass by my page and stalk all my drawings of what i've created and want me to create more and give request of my own art work or even have people do fanart of my own drawings.its a dream i've had for as long as i can remember i just have to take the first step to get it've been around for a long time with my korrasami drawings and i thank you for that, i just hope you'll stick around even after the fan art.
ws235 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2016
Oh, of course, of course, I support whatever you want to do, whatever feels right. (Personally I'm tired of Avatar)

Especially if there are girls wearing masks in your future work.

Do you think that could happen?
JustiCmo Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yes it can lol
i have alot like that tbh
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Lilly7854 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Happy B-Day
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